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College Governance (Statutory Bodies and Administrative Structure)

Governing Council

The governing council is the highest policy making body in the college. Its membership is drawn from all over the state, the college and the ministry of Health. The function of this body is to supervise in a general way all affairs of the college and exercise control over it.

The Office of Provost

The Provost’s office is the nerve centre of the college administration. It coordinates the functions and activities of all departments of the college.

Office of the Registrar

The Registry handles all formal correspondences on appointments, resignation, contracts, legal and property matters. It has two major divisions viz: the Academic and the Establishment divisions. The academic division handles admission, examinations, academic records and other similar academic matters of students. The establishment division handles all establishment matters of the college. The College Registrar subject to the general direction of the Provost is the chief administrative officer of the college and is responsible for the coordination of the works of the college registry department. He/she is in addition the secretary to the governing council, the academic board, the finance and general purpose committee, the appointment, promotions and disciplinary committee and the management committee. He or she is responsible for the management of the college personnel.

Academic Board

This body is central to academic life of the college. Its functions as contained in the enabling law of Taraba State College of Health Technology, Takum No. 8 of 2006. The provost is the chief executive officer of the college. He directs and coordinates the development and implementation of academic plans of the college. As the chief accounting officer, he ensures the judicious, prudent and optimum utilization of both human and material resources towards the realization of the overall institution’s objectives.

Management Committee

This comprises of all the Principals officers of the College and the College Provost is the Chairman.

The College Bursar

The Bursary is the centre of the college’s finances. It handles all matters relating to payments of bills, salaries, contracts, etc. The Bursar is the head of the bursary department and the chief financial officer of the college. He or she is responsible to the Provost for the proper keeping and maintenance of the college accounts.

The College Librarian

The College Librarian is responsible to the Provost for the overall development and administration of the college library whose objectives are to support learning and research requirements of the college as well as cultivating and encouraging the reading habits of the students.

The Academic Structure of the College

The College is organized into departments. The affairs of the departments are managed by the Head of Departments.