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Students Dress Code

For the purpose of decency, reputation and character formulation as well as the purposes of forestalling consequences of indecent dressing, every student of the Taraba State College of Health Technology, Takum must appear decently dressed in public. To accomplish this, the Management of Taraba State College of Health Technology, Takum, approved the College dress code as follows.

1. What is Decent Dressing?

– Decent dressing entails wearing a dress that will portray one as a responsible person. It includes the following;
– A decent dress should be loose (not too tight)
– A decent dress should extend from the neck to at least to the knee.
– It can be short sleeved or long sleeved.
– All clothing should cover and conceal body parts including stomach, belly, buttocks, back, shoulders, chest, legs to the knee or much longer.
– Shorts and trousers should be worn at natural waistline.

2. What is indecent dressing?

– Any dress or dressing that exhibit the following characteristics, may be termed as indecent.
– Transparent dresses that show the body or inner wears below it violate decent dress.
– Dress that exposes the stomach, the buttocks or any other parts of the body is indecent.
– Dresses or skirts with slits extending above the knee exposing thighs.
– Sleeveless dress (especially “spaghetti” hands) that exposes brassier and breasts.
– Very tight dresses that expose everybody contour, body legs, tight fitting jeans skirts, hip star, patra, lakra etc.
– Tights, shorts and skirts that are above the knees (except for sporting purposes).
– Unbuttoned shirts that reveal chests or other parts.
– Shirts without buttons or not properly buttoned, revealing bare chest.
– Dresses that illustrate enhance or depict drugs, alcohol or have offensive and violent messages.
– Dresses that display weapons or any gang-related illustrations and messages and or obscene captions.
– Tattered jeans with holes.
– Under-clothing such as sing let to be worn publicly.
– Wearing of earrings and body piercing by male students
– Plaiting or weaving of hair by male students.
– Shoes with sharp noisy metal heel should not be worn to lectures, library and laboratories.
– Wearing of Departmental Union T-Shirts and other attire or regalia other than the Uniforms prescribed by the College into Lecture Halls and Classrooms is an offence as sanctioned in‘d’ below.

3. Sanctions for the Violation of Dress Code set out by the College (Indecent Dressing)

a. Any person who violates the dress code of the College shall not be allowed into classrooms, lecture theatres, laboratories, library and offices of the colleges, in the first instance.
b. Violators (first offenders) shall also be turned away from examination halls.
c. Second time offenders (in 1 and 2 above) shall be warned in writing and their parents/Guardian be copied.
d. Habitual violators (more than 2 times) shall be made to face the Students Discipline Committee of the College and if found guilty shall be suspended for as long as a session to enable them learns how to dress properly.