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Examination Fees

a. An examination fee determined by the college authorities shall be charged on each student at the time of registration.
b. Students’ registration for carryover courses shall also be surcharged per course as determined by the examination committee.

Resit Students/External Candidates

a. Any students who is coming back to resit his/her National examination or carry over courses must pay sessional before he/she is allowed to seat for the course.
b. Also students coming back for national examination must stayed in the college and attain lectures for three (3) consecutive months before he/she is allowed to seat for the national examination.

Registrations and Orientation

Guideline for Students’ Registration
i. Collection of admission letters by new students at academic division.
ii. registration clearance for new students at academic division.
iii. collection of registration forms at academic division.
iv. payment of registration fees through designated banks.
v. collection of registration permit from HODs.
vi. collection of course outline at the respective departments.
vii. signing of course registration forms by course lecturers.
viii. final registration by the respective Heads of Departments.
a. Students shall only be registered as students of the college on the payment of registration fees, production of admission document duly signed by the appropriate authority and having satisfied the authorities of the genuineness of the information submitted on their application forms.
b. All returning and fresh students must register at the beginning of every semester. Students are expected to collect course registration forms from HODs and fill. Newly admitted students can only be issued these forms on the production of their letters of admission while returning students must produce their identity cards for the purpose of identification.
c. A very important condition for registration is the payment of the following fees, per session as may be approved by the college:

S/No. Item Taraba Indigenes Non-Indigenes
1 Tuition Fee
2 Caution Deposit
3 Examination Fees
4 Games Fees
5 Student Identity Card and Name Tag
6 Library Registration
7 Students Handbook
8 Hostel Maintenance
9 Departmental Registration
10 NECO/WAEC Verification
11 Sports Equipment
12 Practical Supervision
13 Project Supervision
14 Laboratory Fees
15 Computer Services
16 Maintenance Fees
17 Medical Fees
18 School Registration
19 Student Union Government Constitution
20 Administrative Charges
21 Student Union Government Dues
22 Field Work
23 Caution Deposit
24 Acceptance Fees
25 Matriculation Fees

Other Fees

S/No Item Amount
1 Academic Transcript (within Nigeria) ₦3000=
2 Academic Transcript (outside Nigeria) ₦5000=
3 Hiring of Academic Gown ₦500=
4 Inter/Intra Departmental Transfer ₦3000=
5 Remarking of Examination Scripts (payment per script) ₦3000=
6 Late National Examination Registration Surcharge ₦5,000=

a. There is no refund of any fees paid if:
b. A student voluntary withdraws from the college or hostel.
c. A student is sent away on disciplinary grounds or
d. The college is closed down.

Registration Periods in the Semester

First semester
1st and 2nd week = normal registration
– 3rd week = late registration

Second semester
1st week = normal registration
– 2nd week – late registration
a. Late registration attracts a late registration fee of one thousand (₦ 1000) only.
b. The registration exercise must be completed within three weeks in the first semester and two weeks in the second semester
c. Any student who fails to register within the time specified above shall be deemed to have withdrawn voluntarily from the college.

Procedure for Filing of Documents in Students’ File

Documents in both newly admitted and old students’ files should be arranged and filed in the following order or sequence:
i. Admission letter,
ii. College registration form with four recent or current passport photograph attached thereto,
iii. GCE/NECO/SSCE/TC II etc original certificates/results,
iv. Secondary School Testimonials,
v. Primary school Certificate,
vi. Primary School Testimonials,
vii. Marriage Certificate (for married women),
viii. Indigene Certificate,
ix. Birth Certificate or Declaration Age,
x. A letter of attestation from a highly responsible, placed and respected person in your community vouching for your unquestionable integrity, character and behaviour.


An orientation course is usually organized for fresh students every session. This programme is intended to enable new students settle and adjust to college life. The students are introduced to the functions and procedures of activities in the College and are also explained. During the orientation course, the students are introduced to the principal officers and some vital facilities such as Medical Services, Security, Welfare, Library, Sports, etc. All new students are expected to attend the orientation course as it exposes the students to the school environment and College facilities. Any student who fails to attend any orientation course would have his/her admission deferred to the next session.


This is an event to formally enroll the students as a member of the college. Every matriculating student must collect and sign an oath form which would be filed with the Academic Board. Any student who fails to sign the matriculation oath form would be deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the college.

Hire of Matriculation and Convocation Gowns

During matriculation or convocation ceremonies concerned students must hire a set of the matriculation or convocation outfit to be used during the occasion. The student must promise to abide by the following conditions of the hire:
1. Not to put on the regalia until the day of the ceremony;
2. To ensure the safety of the outfit;
3. Not to write or sew in anything anywhere in or on the gown or the cap, nor the hood;
4. To return the outfit to the administration unit not later than Monday after the convocation;
5. That if the student fail to return the costume to the administration unit of the college within the stipulated period shall pay the prescribed cumulative fine of one thousand naira (₦1000=) only for each day of unauthorized retention;
6. That if the student loses or damage the gown he or she will pay the replacement fee to the college.

Matriculation Oath of Loyalty to the College

“ I ………………(Name in full)………………………. With Registration Number: ……………………………., of the Department of ………………. In consideration of my being admitted into the Taraba State College of Health Technology, Takum, do hereby solemnly pledge to be of good behaviour, not to belong to any society/cult or any society not approved by the College and to abide by the rules and regulations of the Taraba State College of Health Technology, Takum and any other regulations of the Federal or State Government specifically made to ensure civilized and orderly community life in the College. The College shall exercise the right of suspension or withdrawal of my admission or expulsion from the college should I violate the above pledge.
So Help Me God.